Angels Roqueta

  • Angels is the founding partner of Compas. She has extensive experience in financial advisory transactions, mergers and acquisitions, investment banking, venture capital and all those projects involving equity changes. 

    She has conducted numerous special reports for public and private agencies and judicial-commercial field.  

    She has participated and / or directed more than 100 transactions, investments and valuations of companies and more than 200 special reports for companies and /courts.

    She is currently a professor at the Law School, the GCJ in EADA and the Legal and Specialised Training Centre of the Generalitat de Catalunya. She is a speaker for seminars and courses in the school of Economists and Auditors, specialized in venture capital and buy / sell business. 

    • PADE from IESE Business School
    • PhD in Business Management and Organization (Polytechnic University School Engineers)
    • Law Degree (UNED)
    • Degree in Economics-Business (Barcelona University)
    • EAFI registered CNMV
    • Registered in the ROAC at the Ministry of Economy
    • Member Registration Forensic Economists (REFOR)
    • Member of the Institute of Financial Analysts
    • Director and Counsel of INVERPYME Venture Capital Company
    • Councillor founder and member of SUMA CAPITAL Equity Management Company Entities
    • Councillor transport sector companies marketing industrial storage tourism sector.

Business projects in where can apply herknowledge and experience to add value, especially in the capitalization of financial and human resources.