COMPAS provides corporate advisory services focused on Middle Market companies adapting to the needs of each company and project. In the field of corporate finance, we act as financial advisors, providing our clients a specialized, independent and highly professional assistance.

We are specialists in advising our clients on capital structure at shareholder level, especially in those cases where the growth is to incorporate partners, specialized in lending institutions and venture capital and / or Private Investors Business Angels and strategic partners to develop investment projects , organic growth, to provide liquidity to shareholders or finance acquisitions of other companies or special situations.



We have important relationships with entities, both Spanish and international, in Venture Capital. We also have the support of a multidisciplinary team with extensive knowledge and experience in executing transactions, providing back office support and economic, legal, technological and human resources expertise.


We work closely with our customers to help in the management of unique actions to improve the performance of future corporate operations and increase the opportunities of transactions.


Assessment of type of firms to acquire, target companie’s identification, analysis, negotiation and coordination of the agreements.


Mergers, divisions, transfers of lines of business and share exchanges


Ratings lines of business industries.

Technology transfer agreements.

Selección, búsqueda y valoración de patentes. Gestión de operaciones de transferencia tecnológica. Aprobaciones y certificaciones.

Search strategic parner

Advice and strategic partner search and defining needs to be covered by the customer.

Partners agreement

Agreements partners, clauses: Envy ratios, Ratchets, Drag along, Tag along.


Study and creation of feasibility plans.

Technological projects (R+D+i)

Product development ans technology application. Internal innovation methodology. Benchmarking and quality internal methods. Challenges Project development R+D+i internal or in cooperation.


Identification of target companies, analysis of synergies, identifying common interests, coordination of joint venture agreements.

Audits acquisition.

Coordination With procurement audits (Due Diligence) and designated assessors.


Monitoring corporate agreements until the execution of the contract.



A team of professionals specialized in finding financing for companies with extensive knowledge of financial products in the current market plus a permanent contact with most of the financial, public and private entities.

Process of credit search

  • Gathering the necessary documentation.
  • Depending on the needs and financial situation particular determination of the amount of funding and type of product to apply.
  • Selection of financial institutions to submit.
  • Pipeline management negotiation and monitoring application.

Conditions and limits for hiring our services

  • Amount exceeding € 150.000
  • Turnover exceeding € 1.500.000
  • Excluded sectors of real estate construction NGOs SCP individual and autonomous
  • Do not be in a position RAI ASNEF loss or serious legal issues.

Request a pre-assessment sending a message to our team by info@compaspe.es

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